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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Music To Heal The Spirit

Join me Tuesday Dec 28th LIVE at 3PM EST/2PM CST/ Noon PST (or download on I Tunes) for an amazing show "Music To Heal The Spirit".

My special guest will be Karen Renee Robb, she will share her beauty and her music with us on the Be Happy & Be Healthy show.


Karen Renee Robb's passion and purpose is beauty - creating it, inspiring it and seeing it in the people and world around her. With over 25 years of performing experience, she approaches every day as a new opportunity to dig deeper and express more fully the creative spirit within. Often mistaken for the voice of an angel, she is sure to bring joy to your heart and lift your spirit higher.

Karen Renee Robb believes that feelings of joy come from experiencing something beautiful. Creations of beauty can be many things: music, art, poetry, painting, drawing, dancing, observing a tree, garden or photograph, singing a song, playing an instrument, cooking a meal, planting a flower, or something as simple as a heartfelt hug or a genuine smile.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Karen Renee Robb is a natural born leader and performer with a love for creating and promoting beauty. She is a visionary who sees possibility and potential in every person she meets and in every project she takes on.

Karen’s supports her soul’s purpose through entertaining as an inspirational vocalist and through designing and promoting creations of beauty as a marketing professional.

After graduating from Michigan State University where she studied music and received a vocal performance scholarship, Karen began to use her musical talents to provide inspiration to others. She has entertained as a soloist for private parties, churches, weddings, memorial services and charity benefit concerts. She has performed The National Anthem at professional sporting events many times and was the female vocalist winner in the 1994 Oakland A's National Anthem contest. She has also taught private vocal lessons and musical theater classes in the San Francisco Bay Area where she lived after marrying photographer Kevin Peter Schlatt, who loves to create and capture beauty with his camera.

Thinking she wanted to be a fashion buyer, Karen earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Materials and Logistics Management, with an emphasis in purchasing. She began her career with Apple Computer as a New Product Operations Specialist and progressed through other opportunities at Digidesign, Gibson Guitar and Griffin Technology where she has held positions as Director of Marketing Services, Media/Promotions Manager, and Marketing Product Launch Manager. Karen loves to bring clarity to chaos by organizing, prioritizing, planning and executing projects related to creations of beauty.

Karen Renee enjoys bringing her own vision to life while inspiring and teaching others to create beauty. She is currently traveling her souls journey through her personal 8 Be-Attitudes, which she was made aware of in later part of 2009. Beauty, Balance, Well-Being, Believe, Breathe, Blessing, Abundance, Butterfly. Through these transformational words, her life is being expressed through art, poetry, music and deep soul-level change. The 8-pointed star of Ishtar came forth in a meditation recently, that is serving to give deeper meaning to the journey she is on.

The name Renee means reborn and rebirth is exactly what she experienced when she and her husband moved to Nashville in 2000. Neither of them had a job secured when they arrived but they had a dream and the faith to back it up! Now settled in the Mt. Juliet, Tennessee area, Karen Renee openly speaks her truth in a way that benefits others.

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