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Monday, December 3, 2007

Believe and Succeed

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Courage does not always roar. It is the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering. "I will try again tomorrow."

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Experience as Life Coach

I recently decided to list my Life Coaching Sesssions on eBay ... although listing personal and professional services is fairly new to ebay and I just made the decision to list my Professional Service recently .... I am not new to Life Coaching.

I, as with most life coaches, receive most of my clients through referrals and not thru a marketing platform. It is exciting for me to now have the opportunity, to offer my services via the internet via ebay and my own website. When searching for a life coach, know that most online life coach directories are 'fee directories' .... the coach pays a fee to be listed on the directory.

I have been a Professional Life Coach since 1991 ...... I have over 16 years experience as a Professional Life Coach ..... I have actually 'Coached' people most of my life .... I just wasn't paid for it prior to 1991 ... over these 16 years there have been a few years when I limited the number of coaching clients I worked with because of other professional demands on my time.
My first Life Coaching experience was coaching a fellow Athlete while we were training for the 1980 Olympic team . I didn't get paid for it .... I did it to help my friend achieve her life goal. I have since coached many athletes ranging from youth athletes to master's level athletes.
My first Professional Life Coaching Client was a Beauty Pageant Contestant ..... and I have since 'coached' numerous young women in the Pageant world and worked as a consultant with several pageant's.

I primarily coach clients in 6 different Categories:
Weight Loss / Diet / Fitness
Athletes (I don't coach them in a specific sport - I coach them with regard to attitude and goal achievement)
Business Leaders
Beauty Pageants (I work with individual contestants as well as work with several pageant's to coach all the contestants involved in the competition)
Motivated Individuals (I work with people who strive to get the most of life and become the best person they can)
Battered Women / Domestic Violence Victims / Single Moms (I am a survivor of Domestic Violence .... all work I do with Battered Women is Pro Bono [not for fee/ Volunteer] I also volunteer my time to coach Single Moms on public assistance to enter the work force and/or higher education.)
Life Coaching has been a very rewarding experience in my life ... it is my pleasure to be able to help other's achieve their goals.

Life is Good when you love what you do for a Profession ..... I have 2 professions, and they are my Passion.

For me, Life is Good !

I hope it is for you as well.

Kimberley Harrell, Professional Life Coach / Professional Volleyball Official

Friday, November 30, 2007

What type of Life Coach am I ??

I am often asked ~ "Who are your clients?" and "What type of Life Coaching do you do?"

I coach 6 different categories of Clients:
  • Athletes - Youth to Masters: Athletes who are strongly committed to achieving their personal best in competition. My athletic clients learn to set and reach goals, they once thought were unattainable. They experience success on even the highest levels of competition.
  • Highly Motivated Leaders: Business owners, individual senior executives, executive or management teams, managers of marketing, sales and customer service teams. My corporate and business clients are deeply committed to improving their leadership and interpersonal skills in the workplace, not only as part of their business development strategy, but as part of their intention to be their best authentic self as a leader
  • Highly Motivated Individuals: Men and Women who are deeply committed to their own personal transformation, who want nurturing relationships, who want to create joy and meaning in their chosen work, and who want to be their most powerful, creative and authentic Self.
  • Weight Loss / Fitness: Men, Women and Youth who are committed to have the body they desire are my clients. I help both obese and over-weight adults achieve lasting weight loss success. You can lose weight, you can keep it off, and you can improve how you look. Your opportunity to finally lose weight, look great, and feel good is here with private sessions. It's time for you to benefit from the personal guidance and instruction from a professional weight loss expert.
  • Battered Women, Domestic Violence Victims: If you find yourself in a situation where you have been the victim of domestic violence and feel that you never thought you would be 'one of those women' ... feel no shame. Let me help you find the confidence to see your worth and be at peace with yourself. Empowerment for women is one my true joys in life.
  • Beauty Pageant Contestants: Young Women who wish to excel and succeed in the world of the Pageant system, and truly any aspect of life. Coaching for all aspects: Interview where you are awarded points for being articulate, well spoken, polite and confident. Lifestyle and Fitness where you are judged on Physical Fitness, poise and posture. Evening Wear where you are judged on Poise and bearing as you walk across the stage.

Without exception, my clients want:

Influence instead of impotence
Fulfillment instead of frustration

Success instead of failure

Connection instead of isolation
Peace instead of conflict

Which client are you, personal, executive, weight loss, pageant or athletic ?

Let's achieve your Personal Best together.

I am a former USA Athlete, American Record Holder, All American Athlete, National Champion Athlete, President & CEO of a well known Security Company, founder of Josie O Products, former United States Marine. Semper Fidelis, Kimberley

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A Rewarding Career

Greetings to all who wander thru my Blog !!

I am working on a case that is very rewarding ... without divulging any privileged or confidential information ... I will say, it is a case of a young woman (College Student) who found herself in a situation where she was being battered by her 'boyfriend' .... the family requested that I step in and Coach the young woman ...

I am happy to say, she is out of the abusive relationship and on her way towards happiness and a healthy and positive outlook on personal relationships .....

This is the most rewarding aspect of my Life Coaching career .... as a former victim of domestic violence, it does my heart and soul good to know that I, even in some small way, can help other's in a battered situation. The increase in violence directed at young women, by young men is alarming and disturbing.

Have a peaceful and rewarding day,

Kimberley, President

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