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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chakra Meditation

Meditation Moment with Kimberley.
Thursdays at 10am EST/ 9am CST/ 7am PST
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Chakra Meditation

A 20 minute guided meditation to help balance and clear your Chakra Energies.

Chakras are not physical objects that can be seen, but they are an integral part of your life force keeping your whole mind, body and spirit working together.

They are located at different points throughout the physical body and are associated with particular parts of the body and specific emotions. These swirling vortexes of energy regulate the energy flow throughout your body. These centers open and shut depending on what you are feeling and thinking.

Every sense, feeling and experience is connected to a specific chakra. When you are stressed about something, the chakra itself can become unbalanced and may manifest as illness in your physical body. For your mind, emotions and physical body to be working together in total harmony and balance, the chakras should be clear and balanced.

Kimberley Harrell, is an author, lecturer, contemporary healer, spiritual leader and recognized expert in the health and wellness field. As a successful entrepreneur and respected businesswoman, Harrell fell into the trap of suppressing a traumatic event in her past, which then manifested as chronic emotional and physical illness. Ultimately, her condition forced her to face her own truth. She investigated ancient and modern healing systems, and developed a powerful technique of her own. Today, she guides thousands to health through her public events, workshops, and writings. Her programs focus on healing your body, mind and spirit so that you may Be Happy & Be Healthy living in an ever-changing world.

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