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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Be Happy & Healthy special with Dr. Suzie Wright (Live Talk Show)

Join me for a wonderful edition of Be Happy & Healthy with Dr Kimberley and my special guest Dr. Suzie Wright.

Suzie is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Reiki Master, Astrologer, Certified in SMT (Sub-conscious Mind Technique) and a PHR. Suzie is also host of Celestial Readings, a show here on Blog Talk Radio.
Suzie Wright

Suzie has been reading Tarot and astrological charts for over 25 years. Her passion for astrology and the desire to guide and assist others in the search for their truth have come together as she steps into her life's work.

Throughout her life, she has been highly attuned to the "other side" having experienced visits and received messages from loved ones and others who had passed on. Intuition, premonitions and the ability to feel the presence of spirits and guides has provided her with a unique insight and vision that creates a powerful readings for her clients.

Listen to Dr Kimberley on Blog Talk RadioSuzie's many years of experience in Human Resources provides a solid foundation for her spiritual counseling services. Empowering, educating and uncovering people's abilities and potential as she worked with employees to find the right job has shown Suzie her true purpose. Her business skills and professionalism have positioned her perfectly to bring her services to the greater community.

Suzie's work in the entertainment and music industry gives her a unique perspective that she brings to her services. From drumming to acting, singing, songwriting, to ghost tour guide there are no limits to her inspiration or creativity!

Suzie created Dharma House, a Metaphysical Arts Center-a beautiful, peaceful space created for a Reiki and reading practice as well as the classes she teaches.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Walks with Thunder astonishes listeners with live stone blessing

Listen to the podcast show Be Happy & Healthy with Dr. Kimberley and her special guest Walks With Thunder. Click to listen to the show.

Walks with Thunder performs an amazing stone blessing during the show and one listener's Citrine turned clear. Lizzy Star, International Medium joined the show for a surprise visit. Listen to the show in the Archives, on Blog Talk Radio by clicking the link above.

Walks with Thunder recently retired his #1 rated talk show and is moving forward with some exciting projects. Join me and Let's Talk about it.

Walks With Thunder is Shaman Born. His grandfather was a Shaman for the Caddo tribe, as was his father before him. He has been able to see Grandfather Spirits since the age of two, and could bi-locate (literally in two places at once) at fourteen. "I didn't know those things were special. I thought everyone could do it, and you know I was right. The classes I teach are based on this. I have been on the Red Road a long time – before I even knew there was a Red Road".

He lives a spiritually pure life, abstaining from alcohol and tobacco (except for occasional ceremony), doesn't drink coffee and uses no recreational pharmaceuticals. "I didn't learn the way of the Shaman from another Shaman. The Spirits teach me gently when I sleep." Walks With Thunder teaches many classes throughout the Puget Sound Region. "My beginner’s classes help many take control of the "gifts” we possess, opening the suppressed power of our lives that sets some apart from the norm. When you take control of your own hidden powers, you don't have to be victims any longer." Walks With Thunder lives his life according to what he teaches. He is powerful in what he teaches and how he lives his life. "Everyone can do what I do. Just like the Spirits who teach me, I can't keep a good thing to myself. Come learn with me!"