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Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to get everything you ever wanted!

Dr. Kimberley Harrell, D.D. is a Certified Aromatherapist, Life Coach / Spiritual Journey Coach and a Worker of Divine Light & Energy. Kimberley works with clients to harmonize Mind, Body & Spirit. Call 615.590.7613 to schedule your private consultation with Kimberley at the New Earth Center in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Get everything you ever wanted. Within you lies the secret of your dreams -- powerful spiritual and intuitive reserves that allow you to achieve your goals and transform your life. Using Dr. Harrell's method, hundred's of her clients and students have achieved outstanding practical results. Kimberley will share the secret of living an abundant, joy-filled life and finding peace in today's world.

During a Heart's Desire Consultation Session, Kimberley, after discussing with you what it is you wish to create or manifest, casts a sacred circle and privately goes into meditation to facilitate etherically meeting and merging with your Soul, and giving your dreams the energy of what you desire. She combines these with sacred incantations and mantras of joy, light and love, your Soul then takes these energies and creates for you your Vision and it's symbol.

Once complete, your Soul and Kimberley together embed this symbol into your heart center or heart chakra. There it serves as a modulator, attracting your Soul's Vision to you, directly from the Universe via the 'Law of Attraction'. Then you are quite simply open to receiving your dream.

Kimberley has seen immediate and dramatic results with this light work. You are only limited by your vision and your ability to receive. Kimberley, is a former USA Olympic qualifying athlete and former American Record holding athlete, she works with some of the top names in Professional Athletics, Entertainment and the Music Industry. She is happy to help you realize your Soul's dreams and visions.

Rates: A personal consultation session with Dr. Kimberley Harrell is $120.00 and will last an hour to 90 minutes. , Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express are always welcome., Call 615-590-7613 to schedule your personal session with Kimberley today.

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