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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Coral Castle, a spiritual experience

Every once in a great while we find ourselves in a place where we are instantly touched with the sense that our life has changed, that we now know some elemental secret that we did not know before. Visiting the Coral Castle in Miami / Homestead Florida was such an experience for me.

The Coral Castle is the life's work of one man Mr. Ed Leedskalnin. Built out of blocks of solid coral weighing thousands of pounds and only hand made tools, the castle is an engineering marvel. Ed was a wisp of a man standing Five Feet tall and weighing 100 pounds ... prompting the question, How did he do it? There are many theories, however no person ever saw Ed working on the amazing castle. He was never seen carving the coral out of his quarry, nor was he ever seen moving the stones in place.


The Coral Castle is situated on the piece of land that is the triangular point of the Bermuda Triangle on land. The Castle is also oriented to 'true north' with a Polaris Telescope made of solid coral to view the North Star. All Sacred Mystical Places / Holy places on Earth are oriented to 'true north' ... the Pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge, Mayan Temples, etc. The castle was built on a natural energy and spiritual vortex, on any given day you may encounter local Buddhist Monks sitting in a meditation circle around the center point of the castle.

I am thrilled to share with you my thoughts and impressions of the Coral Castle on my Podcast show. Join me live at 3pm EST on Nov 30, 2010, or download the podcast from I Tunes or Blog Talk Radio anytime after the live broadcast.
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