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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feminine and Masculine Energy - Finding a Healthy Balance

Women and men who balance their feminine and masculine energy are strong, wise, loving, creative human beings. They appreciate the active yang or masculine energy of taking action and setting boundaries when needed, while honoring the nurturing yin or feminine energy of stillness and gentleness.
Feminine and Masculine are not opposing forces or dualities, but
complementary opposites that interact within a greater whole, as part of a dynamic system. Everyone has both Feminine and Masculine aspects; as light cannot exist without darkness and vice-versa, neither can the Feminine nor Masculine thrive without the other ….. either one of these aspects – either Feminine or Masculine - may manifest more strongly in you, and they may ebb or flow over time.
It is when you can find a balance of these two energies that you will thrive and Be Happy and Be Healthy. Allowing your Feminine and your Masculine energies to exist in harmony will allow you to be strong, loving, wise and successful.

Finding balance will allow you to become a Leader - A person who is willing to stand in their truth, take risks, be willing to fall on their face and then get back up and succeed.
We all need a balance - a balance of the Feminine and the Masculine energies in our life. Our Feminine (Yin) energy is soft, loving, caring, gentle, nurturing, sensual, compassionate and feeling. Our Masculine (Yang) energy is hard, strong, logical, outspoken, assertive, competitive and adventurous. As you can see .... It would be wonderful if we could embrace these qualities in our everyday life.
Listen to the show, linked below for these exercises:
  • Release Judgments about being Male and being Female
  • Balance Feminine and Masculine Energies within You
  • Activate Your Feminine Yin and Masculine Yang Energy

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