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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Mikala White Wolf Story

THE Mikala White Wolf STORY

Josephine (Josie) Orphelia was my Maternal Grandmother. She was a wonderful woman and a Native American, she was an Ani Wahya [Wolf Clan Member] Ani Yunwiya [Cherokee].

Growing up my ‘Mamaw’ and Mom instilled in me a love of nature (both physical & spiritual) and all things botanical. My grandmother nurtured and inspired wonderful gardens. Gardens where beautiful grandchildren grew as well as her flowers and herbs.

I was taught, in a very natural manner, the importance of all living things and came to know the wonderful healing properties of plants. I never was one for taking ‘medicine’ or at least the synthetic variety purchased at pharmacies and stores. For most all maladies there is a remedy in nature, you just have to know where to look and honor the medicine.

I grew up and away from some of the things I was taught as a little girl, after college I entered into the Corporate World, I achieved success and was CEO of a successful company. Our family was struck with Tragedy when my brother was in a fatal motorcycle accident and taken from us before his time. I began to question if the material success of the corporate world was really what was most important in life. I came to the conclusion that life is very precious and fleeting, we must live it – be happy and healthy and give unto others.

To live a meaningful and happy life, we must find our purpose. I have now left the daily stress and pressure of the corporate world behind. My purpose is to help others to achieve wellness, happiness, wisdom, respect for the natural world and a balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Public Speaker, and Talk Show Host I promise to share Harmony, Balance and Love using the knowledge and love of nature, instilled in me by my Mother and Grandmother and the guidance of the Great Spirit. My experiences come to you from the foothills of the "Beloved Mountains" the Great Smoky Mountains, ancient home of the Cherokee.

Wado (Thank you in Cherokee),

Dr. Mikala White Wolf

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